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Providing facilitation and coaching for planning and development, from individual to whole-systems change, to help you increase your effectiveness and enhance your impact.

Building Resilience in Organizations

The Amber Edge is your go-to resource for organizational assessments and change to enhance the resilience of your organization and your staff. We work as a partner with you to address your organization’s planning needs, culture, or employee wellness issues.

Actionable Results

Check out our client satisfaction results – they include reflections from our clients on their experience of our services and the actionable results they achieved.  100% of our clients would use our services again.

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Free Articles for You

Check out our blog for free content – posts on topics such as Resilience, Mindset, Strategic Planning, Navigating Change, and Leadership, plus wisdom from our original founder!

Videos on Mindset and Wellness

COMING SOON!  Check out our short, bite-sized videos to receive on-going advice on a variety of topics, such as Wellness, Resilience, Team Building, and Mindset.

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