Client Feedback

In our customer satisfaction survey we administered in the fall of 2023, 75% of our clients from the last two years responded. Here’s what we learned:

  • Most hired us for large-scale development and planning.  Here’s the breakdown:
    • Culture Assessments and Roadmaps for Change (45%)
    • High Engagement Strategic Planning (33%)
    • Mindset Coaching (33%)
    • Other services that we were hired for – Leadership Development and Speaking Engagements
  • Two-thirds hired us because we had been recommended by a colleague and we most closely met the need.  In addition, two-thirds hired us because you said your last experience was good and we have a reputation for quality and results.
  • 89% said that we understood their business issues very well, the others said we got a handle on most of it.
  • 100% said that our communication with them was proactive, accessible, and flexible!
  • More than half rated the quality of the reports, materials, and handouts as excellent, the rest rated them as good.
  • 78% said that we did an excellent job of modeling teamwork when working with them and each other.
  • 89% rated the value that they received as excellent, the rest said it was good.
  • 100% said they’d hire us again!

“I couldn’t imagine reaching my goals without the endless support that Amber showed me day after day. She is truly amazing!”

– Client Feedback

“The mindset coaching process has helped me identify areas to continuously improve and learn from others”

– Client Feedback

“Amber is a caring, supportive coach who puts forth great effort to help you reach your full potential. I loved working with Amber and fully recommend her as a coach.”

– Client Feedback

“Through coaching, I got personal insights around focusing on what’s positive.”

– Client Feedback

“Amber’s energetic encouragement reinforces my ability to attain my goals.”

– Client Feedback

“The tools I learned in the mindset program give me ways to assess my progress.  I’m able to connect with others in a new way”

– Client Feedback

“Amber’s positive energy had a huge impact on my health and well-being. Not only is she a mindful listener but she always thinks outside the box when approaching challenges as a coach and mentor.”

– Client Feedback

“The mindset coaching tools we used make me more conscious of when I’m filling my needs.  I have a name to the feeling and can take steps to attend to those needs.”

– Client Feedback

What Was Most Valuable (from our 2023 Customer Satisfaction Survey)

The open and honest collaboration was very beneficial. One on one option was great!”

Individual focus on Understanding needs and motivations of an individual. 2. How the individual can do their best work. 3. Self-assessment and understanding that lead to need change or development

Creating an environment for open dialogue”

The experience and approach Amber takes”

Expertise in moving us forward through the process”

Listened to us and followed our need, challenged us but also supported, the right mix. Organized and delivered”

Regular communication and planning as well as adaption on the fly”

Having outside influencer here who had the best interests of the organization. Amber’s Law Enforcement background gave her instant credibility”

Holding delicate and complex spaces with grace, clear communication, and bringing servant leadership to everything”

Highly regarded client engagement and excellent facilitation

“Having a partner to brainstorm solutions with. Consultants were knowledgeable and took the time to listen”


Public Safety Testimonials

We’re proud of what public safety officials say about us and our work with them! 

Plymouth officer Goldstein

Plymouth Public Safety Department

December 16, 2020

Dear Amber and Cathy:

On behalf of the City of Plymouth, Minnesota, and the Plymouth Public Safety Department, I want to take this opportunity to offer my sincere thanks for the stellar work you completed on our organization’s Culture Project, for both Police and Fire.

The Culture Project was of the utmost importance to help establish a current baseline and a desired direction forward for the new administration upon my impending retirement.  This work challenged our personnel to take an honest inventory of our environment, provided an opportunity to help craft a new beginning, and gave an important voice to those who have been unheard.  I firmly believe that we have achieved our initial goals, and now it is up to the membership to delve into the defined objectives and to make progress towards its desired future.

I am extremely impressed by the initial outcomes and am grateful for your thoughtful efforts and consultation throughout the entire project.  Your collective and superior organizational, observational and facilitation skills were instrumental in this project’s success.


Michael S. Goldstein
Retired Public Safety Director/Police Chief
City of Plymouth, MN


Duluth Police Department

The Duluth Police Department has had the good fortune of working with Cathy Perme as a consultant during our strategic planning process and also having Amber Peterson serve as a police officer for the City of Duluth for 8 years.  While interim police Chief, I wanted to create a roadmap for the next Chief.  I tasked Amber with conducting a department-wide assessment of our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT).  She did that by interviewing every employee in the department, analyzing the results, and presenting that to the Command Staff.

After being confirmed as the new Chief of Police, I then hired Cathy Perme to help us create a strategic plan for the Department.  The magic of their partnership began when Cathy used Amber’s comprehensive SWOT analysis as a platform to help launch into strategic planning. Cathy then led us in a community input process that included a comprehensive citizen survey and dozens of focus groups, and developed a diverse planning team including community members. To build ownership in the planning effort, Cathy facilitated highly-energetic input sessions with staff to gather input and feedback.

As a result, we created a new mission, values, and goals and developed an action plan with timelines to follow.  This charted our path forward to better serve our community and department.

Clients of Cathy and Amber will find that their diverse experiences and intuition will help streamline the effort of identifying areas that are preventing an organization from realizing its full potential.  They will help you build a plan to guide your department on where you want and need to be!

Mike Tusken
Chief of Police
City of Duluth, MN


duluth testimonial

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